Thursday, 23 May 2013


The restaurants and cafes I visit can be divided into three categories. Ones that I visit once and decide never to set my foot in them again - I don't feel like writing about them because I don't want to turn into Gordon Ramsay. ;) Ones that I visit once or twice and, though I like them, I don't become a regular customer. And ones that I visit as often as time and money allows.

Mięta Resto Bar (meaning spearmint in Polish) definitely belongs to the last category. This Mediterranean restaurant is located almost exactly opposite Dynia, which I described here. But while I go to Dynia for a quick coffee or a chat with friends, Mięta is usually reserved for our family celebrations.

Mięta drew my attention even before it was opened. A few years ago on my way to the library in Rajska Street, I was wondering what will open in the old building with a beautiful columned porch. I watched with interest how the house was being renovated, paying special attention to mint leaves painted on the garden gate. No wonder I was one of the first customers as soon as the restaurant opened.


At first the food was good but not outstanding so we patronized Mięta mainly due to its atmosphere created by old furniture and appetizing photos on the walls. Fortunately, after some time the quality of the food improved so now we go there tempted by various Mediterranean delicacies. My favourite dish are dumplings with pear and blue cheese washed down with limoncello (Italian lemon liqueur), while my friend Jul has developed a taste for wraps with chicken. Other dishes are (usually) also very tasty.

Mięta is a perfect place for a small party, meeting with friends or romantic date. In the summer you can sit in an ambient beer garden with a view of a historic Mehoffer House. Most of the dishes served in the restaurant are garnished with a sprig of the eponymous mint, which was a symbol of hospitality in ancient Greece. It may be situated in an old house, but Mięta is definitely in mint condition. ;)

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Wersja polska 

Address: ul. Krupnicza 19a, Kraków

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